ellusionist pyro fireshooter launches fireballs from wrist-worn device
images courtesy of ellusionist




the ‘pryo fireshooter’ created by adam wilber at ellusionist, is a professional wrist-worn device that allows the user to launch flameballs with an open palm. designed to contour the underside of a the hand, the soft finish and adjustable strapped piece of technology features four individually triggered barrels for multiple shots. this is controlled by the remote switched that is formed to fit comfortably and discretely in the user’s other hand, which is activated by a squeeze.


demonstration of how the fireshooter works
video courtesy of ellusionist




‘pyro goes way beyond magic and puts an unexplainable, supernatural power in your hands. I don’t leave home without it and am constantly finding excuses to shoot fireballs from my empty hands,’ said daniel madison.

the pyro fireshooter is worn on the wrist




after over two years of refinements and the total of seven prototypes, wilber was able to perfect the gadget and make it available for the market. in a condition of purchase, consumers must watch the ‘pyro fireshooter’ instructional in its entirety, before they can operate the unit. flash packs are the supplements needed to reload the four separate chambers and make the owner appear like a superhero.

the small device makes the user seem like a superhero




seven prototypes were made to develop the final model