chicago mayor rahm emanuel has announced that elon musk‘s boring company will build a futuristic transit link between the city’s downtown and o’hare international airport. the multi-billion dollar development will use high-powered electric ‘skates’ that will run through twin underground tunnels.


the proposed system will aid the transport of passengers between one of the nation’s busiest airports o’hare, bringing them to downtown chicago – a 16-mile trip – in 12 minutes. it currently takes passengers riding the city’s train system around 45-50 minutes. the mayor’s spokesman adam collins announced the news to local reporters today

video by the boring company



the battery-powered, zero emission, elctric vehicles are modeled after the tesla model X SUV and will travel along a concrete track at speeds up to 150 miles per hour. the mayor hopesthe o’hare line, dubbed the chicago express loop, will start construction on the project within a year and complete the project within four years. sources tell the chicago tribune that the entire project should cost less than $1 billion.


the boring company was launched about 18 months ago, and has been digging a test tunnel in LA for a high-speed public transit system called the hyperloop. since then musk has received approval from maryland to dig tunnels for a loop system in baltimore-washington, D.C.. this project has not begun construction yet and the concept behind the loop has actually changed over months. musk said that it would no longer provide the skates for cars to race beneath the surface, but instead will focus on pedestrians and cyclists.