earlier this year, elon musk announced that the boring company’s 2.7-mile-long tunnel in los angeles had been completed. last night, he posted on twitter that the ultra-high-speed transit project will open to the public — offering free rides to everyone — on december 11. mainly intentioned to transport pedestrian and cyclists, the tunnel was first envisioned for private cars and then reprioritized for mass transit. 




according to the boring company’s website — and reported by mashable — the tunnel runs from the parking lot at SpaceX on crenshaw boulevard and 120th street, then it turns west under 120th street and remains underground across 120th street for 2 miles. as usual, musk replied to people’s questions on twitter, including the top speed of the tunnel which will be 155 mph (250 km/h). 





somewhat known for missing deadlines, the SpaceX CEO said that he thinks this time the launch date will not be delayed and that after the opening event on the night of december 10th, the tunnel will be operating and giving free rides to the public the next day.