via instagram, elon musk releases the first image of spaceX‘s space suit! the entrepreneur previews the first official picture of spaceX’s eagerly awaited space suit, with even more photos and details claimed to be coming imminently. typically adorning a nearly completely white outfit, with only a few small features of light and dark gray, the clothing appears very elegant, as well as rather spacious. furthermore, they add a modern update to traditional space suits, strengthening a SCI-FI quality to them as espeically highlighted with the helmet’s form.

elon musk reveals first image of working spaceX space suit

first picture of spaceX spacesuit,‘ said musk on his official account. ‘more in days to follow. worth noting that this actually works (not a mockup). already tested to double vacuum pressure. was incredibly hard to balance esthetics and function. easy to do either separately.



stayed tuned to designboom for updates on the spaceX space suits.