ember travel mug adjusts to any ideal temperature for your drink
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ember is on a mission to create enjoyment by adding precise temperature control to the way we eat and drink. the company’s advanced thermal technology cools and heats food and beverages while maintaining precise temperatures for hours. working in partnership with ammunition, the company’s first product is the ember mug. 

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it was designed to add comfort to drinking any beverage, not to force interact with controls and quantify drink consumption. the team’s design goals were to use ember’s technology to lightly augment the things people already expect from a satisfying drinking vessel and to add as few visible features as possible. 


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a capacitive touch button behind the logo powers on the mug and reveals the temperature display. the mug has a subtle bottom dial that can be twisted to adjust the temperature up and down. the lid has a push to open mechanism that securely seals in liquid and prevents spills, along with a 360-degree design so users can drink from any side. the charging coaster features elegant circular contact rings so the mug can charge without specific orientation. 

image courtesy of ember



the light up display on the mug lets users know when their coffee is just right, and there’s no need to set it again unless they want to change their target temperature. the simple app changes the temperature remotely, as well as check on the drink’s temperature and how much is left. it can also check the mug’s battery level, turn the power on and off, input presets and notify when the drink has heated or cooled to your ideal temperature. 

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