the ‘nest’ smart thermostat, here shown on heating mode




‘nest’ is a sensing, automatic energy-saving thermostat, developed by the california-based nest labs company founded by tony fadell and matt rogers. measuring 3.2-inches in diameter and 1.44-inches deep (8.18 x 3.66 cm), the device is composed of a brushed stainless steel ring with a 1.75-inch, 320-pixel round LCD display centered on it. the menu is accessed and controlled by rotating the outer ring, or can be controlled via smartphone or tablet. throughout its use but particularly in its first week, ‘nest’ is programmed to automatically learn homeowners’ behaviour, creating a corresponding schedule of heating and cooling. sensors observe when there has been no movement for extended periods, and determine over time whether this is a regular occurrence. with its ‘auto-away’ feature, ‘nest’ programs itself to keep a cooler temperature while no one is at home, turning back on just before their arrival or at the first signs of movement.

energy efficient smart thermostat: nest view of the schedule; users may add, remove, or modify set points manually




the programmed schedule can also be adjusted by accessing the ‘schedule’ section on the menu. from there, users can add, remove, and modify the device’s set points to tweak activity. once it has learned, ‘nest’ also contributes to energy savings by showcasing a leaf icon when the user selects a setting that will save energy compared to the default. users may also browse their ‘energy history’, or visualize based on what activities they have saved the most. multiple devices when installed in the same home can communicate with each other, so that a model upstairs will be aware that users are home as soon as the thermostat near the front door has registered this information.

energy efficient smart thermostat: nest through the ‘auto away’ feature, ‘nest’ detects when users are not at home, automatically lowering the temperature to save energy

energy efficient smart thermostat: nest detail on device

energy efficient smart thermostat: nest cooling mode; ‘nest’ notes on-screen how long it will take to attain the desired temperature



preview video of ‘nest’



demo and explanation of the learning habits of ‘nest’

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