stainless steel erembald bicycle features unique laser-cut pattern
images courtesy of eleven twenty seven




noticing that the vast majority of bikes are mass produced and lack an identity, eleventwentyseven’s ‘erembald’ bicycle solves this issue, using laser-cutting technology to meet the needs and desires of the rider. made from full stainless steel and stripped of all non-necessary features, the two-wheeler features an individual and organic pattern that is influenced by cellular structures. adding extra individuality, the owner’s name can be engraved in between its integrated lock. this flexible manufacturing method enables small batch production and the creation of a limited number of 50 models, in bruges, belgium.


the bicycle’s timeline through the design and production stages, and then its use
video courtesy of eleventwentyseven


the saddle and steer are fixed according to the rider’s specific dimension



the stainless steel frame is bespoke with no saddle pen and no stem


close-up of the organic laser-cut pattern which is sourced from cellular structures


the bicycle is a stainless steel piece of art


its design adds individuality to the bike scene