linkki modular toy by eunyoung park teaches kids the adaptability of technology
all images courtesy of eunyoung park




‘linkki’ modular toy by eunyoung park is a kinetic construction gadget based on planar linkage mechanism with which users can design actions, make kinetic arts and learn basic science, engineering and mathematics by hands-on playing. consisting of a modular box, bars and circles, and active modules, ‘linkki’ simplifies the technical construction toy to such an extent as to look minimal but still retains the versatility of construction blocks as an educational tool and designer’s prototyping tool. the project by eunyoung park was part of MA thesis at aalto university school of arts, design and architecture


video courtesy of eunyoung parl



made from birch plywood, PLA, and metal, there are 16 types of bars with four different shapes and circles of two different sizes. the kit includes three types of motors – a full rotation version that spins with a constant speed when users push a button, a limited rotation device that revolves to and fro between the angles set by a knob, and an interactive motor that moves according  the wifi signal sent from the sensor unit. 

eunyoung-park-linkki-modular-toy-designboom-02all the movable parts in the kit eunyoung-park-linkki-modular-toy-designboom-03an adaptable arrow example eunyoung-park-linkki-modular-toy-designboom-04the three motor controllers eunyoung-park-linkki-modular-toy-designboom-05the interactive module  eunyoung-park-linkki-modular-toy-designboom-06the kit can be made to create drawings     eunyoung-park-linkki-modular-toy-designboom-10inside the motor modules