‘evil eye’ optical player by indianen all images courtesy of creativeapplications

the ‘evil eye’ is an audio project from belgian collective indianen that uses screen printed information to conceive analog sound through the use  of a record player. printed onto 12 inch optical discs, the rotating patterns created on the turntable generate similar waveforms to those of an audio file. using coding software cocoa – objective c to generate the patterns, the motion outputs sound when the record passes over special light sensing 

electronic hardware. unlike classic vinyl records, this method uses an additive process rather than subtracting and cutting grooves into material.

evil eye optical record player wave length replication

evil eye optical record player ‘evil eye’ pattern

evil eye optical record player packaging

example of the ‘evil eye’ by tim K 

evil eye optical record player process of screen printing the ‘records’ evil eye optical record player how the sensor works

via creativeapplications

evil eye optical record player

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