evonik kite-powered electric car travels across australiaimage courtesy evonik



starting its journey in the south of perth, the lightweight ‘evonik wind-explorer‘ electric car has traversed across australia, covering 5,000 kilometers from the indian ocean to sydney on the pacific coast. utilizing less than 15 dollars in electricity, the EV is operated by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries capable of being powered by a mobile wind turbine – producing enough energy to travel 280-360 kilometers a day. with a range capacity of eight kilowatt-hours, the battery pack enable the ‘wind-explorer’ to travel up to 400 km in temperatures of up to 60 degrees celsius. constructed from ‘rohacell’ sandwich carbon fiber, the body weight is reduced significantly – allowing the vehicle to travel hundreds of kilometers by kite as well.



evonik kite powered electric car travels across australia

EV side detailimage courtesy evonik



kite-powered electric car travelling across australia



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