eVTOL alef ‘model A’ soon to fly high


Alef Aeronautics offers its own eVTOL through Alef flying car, a concept flying car that would have a driving range of 200 miles and a flight range of 110 miles. As the team believes, the car concept would be the only driveable flying car with eVTOL capabilities that could fit within existing urban infrastructure for driving and parking. The car design seems to give drivers a stable ride with its car-like exterior, a potential competitor of those who envision their eVTOL as open or more helicopter-looking. The company shares in their release that the electric Alef flying car would not have any exposed propellers for added safety and to drown the loud whirring sounds and also save space. To be fair, it does not look bulky at first glance, so the team might just take the right step.

eVTOL flying car alef
images courtesy of Alef Aeronautics



Alef flying car could avoid and detect obstacles


So far, Alef Aeronautics could give away that Alef flying car would be all-electric and anchor key components such as Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) – which helps the airflow be evenly distributed – triple to octuple redundancy of all key components, real-time and pre-flight diagnostics to always keep the drivers informed of their drive or flight, glide landing, and even a full-vehicle parachute in case of emergencies.


A stealing element might come through the obstacle detection and avoidance feature that the team plans to install, helping the drivers navigate through potential air and land cruising. With the two-in-one system Alef ‘Model A’ is going for, drivers can just fly and glide on land whenever they want, but there might be potential traffic controls to be put into place to ensure that everyone on land, and air at this point, would have a safe trip.

eVTOL flying car alef
it has bat-wing doors that flap upwards



After the flying car, there would be a soaring sedan


Alef Aeronautics shares in the release that the 300,000 USD Alef flying car would be developed using the latest hardware and software technology and end up being lightweight packs with long-lasting components, software simulators and analysis, and rigorous flight testing. The team is planning to begin production and deliver the first batch in 2025 and is already gearing toward making a four-person sedan – named Alef Model Z – that would be capable of flying 200 miles with a driving range of 400 miles. For this goal, the team is looking into introducing the sedan in 2035.

eVTOL flying car alef
comfortable cushioned seats for the interior

eVTOL flying car alef
eVTOL flying car Alef ‘Model A’ combines a flying and driving car in one electric vehicle

eVTOL flying car alef
the team aims to produce and release the flying car in 2025

eVTOL flying car alef
after the flying car, Alef Aeronautics plans to make a four-seater flying sedan



project info:


name: Alef ‘Model A’

company: Alef Aeronautics