a las vegas strip club has premiered robot strippers at their establishment to attract attendees from the consumer electronics show (CES 2018). sapphire las vegas is the club in question, giving the two robots brought over from the UK the names #r2doubled and #triplecpu.

robot strippers ces 2018
image courtesy of giles walker



the news comes after much designboom reportage on the progress of humanoids like sophia, whose human abilities caught headlines when the saudi arabia granted her citizenship, being the first robot to do so. meanwhile sex robots such as samantha have provoked many a debate over the future of human morality. unlike these examples, the robots in las vegas lack fundamental human features, such as a face, and instead embrace their electronic core, showing off wires and even featuring cctv cameras for heads.


robot strippers invade sapphire las vegas during electronics convention
video by sapphirelasvegas



they do however make direct reference to the other robots’ existence. the artist behind the robots is sculptor, giles walker, who hopes to allude to worries over the ‘questionable results’ coming out of the sex industry with this type of technology. the robots form part of walker’s ‘kinetics‘ series.