molded wood and electronics fuse to create the e-raw electric bike
all images courtesy of expemotion






with biking infrastructure slowly influencing city landscapes, electric motorcycles are filling the needs of today much faster. expemotion believes in this opportunity, and have developed the ‘e-raw’ fully electric bike. the approach was to develop this project with the values of mechanics and electronics in harmony, with both transparency and durability. 

expemotion-e-raw-electric-bike-designboom-02a custom tubular frame was made 




designer martin hulin was influenced by classic customs and café racers, and with the expemotion ’e-raw’, he links the language of technology with lines of the past. four craftsmen contributed to make this project com true, bring raw materials together like metal and wood. the tubular steel frame contains the batteries and supports the plywood seat post. more than 80 layers have been molded to create this wooden piece, making the seat post elastic and rigid at the same time. 

expemotion-e-raw-electric-bike-designboom-03with an electric motor, there’s no need for a transmission 


expemotion-e-raw-electric-bike-designboom-04narrow tires offer a nimble riding experience


expemotion-e-raw-electric-bike-designboom-05classic headlamps and suspension from tradition motorbikes


expemotion-e-raw-electric-bike-designboom-06the shaped wood is also the seat 


expemotion-e-raw-electric-bike-designboom-0780 layers were bend into shape


expemotion-e-raw-electric-bike-designboom-08iPhone integration for the dials 


video courtesy of martin hulin


expemotion-e-raw-electric-bike-designboom-09simple plug and play design