myris iris authentication scanner by eyelock at CES
all images courtesy myris




eyelock, the advanced iris based identity management company has spent the past few years focusing on improving identity-based product and technology, from access control, border solutions and transportation to advanced banking and payments applications. during CES 2014, the new york-based tech lab unveiled ‘myris’, an iris authentication scanner for device login security and password administration.



video courtesy eyelock



the palm-sized identification reader uses a 20 frame per second video capture of your irises to verify your identity for logging into your favorite websites and apps. since no two irises are alike, the chances of a false match are less than one in two trillion. ‘myris’ looks at more than 240 points on each iris to generate a unique 2048-bit digital signature. to properly authenticate one’s ID, it needs to match up with your eyes— existing photos and video recordings won’t work.


eyelock DNA authentication iris scanner by myris


eyelock DNA authentication iris scanner by myris

users are able to log in to their favorite sites and apps with just a quick look at myris



front and rear view detail of the device