the eyeverify eyeprint ID scanner protects users’ mobile data
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eyeverify’s patented biometric technology ‘eyeprint ID’ eliminates passwords on smart devices by transforming a picture of your eye into the accessing key. by reaching its series A equity funding, the company is gaining interest from the financial services industry as the application protects employees’ and customers’ phones when they conduct mobile banking, and ensures safe and secure mobile mortgage, insurance, card and electronic payments. this accurate process of confirming identities enables secure authentication by using existing cameras on mobile devices to scan and pattern-match the blood vessels in the whites of your eye.


the everyday use of the ‘eyeprint ID’ technology
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‘eyeprint ID’ has three steps; number one is to hold the phone a comfortable distance from your eye (6-12 inches), the second is for verification where the camera matches the blood vessels in your eye, and the final step unlocks your device. your core patterns are stable over both short and long periods of time, as well as not being affected by stress, fatigue, allergies or aging. the technology is compatible with android phones such as; the samsung galaxy s3, s4 and s5, the samsung note 2 and 3, the HTC one and the LG optimus g pro, g2 and g3. thanks to eyeverify, a password-free mobile experience is created which protects users’ important data more securely than before.



cameras of existing mobile devices scan to pattern match your blood vessels


this technology makes your private data more safe and secure