the social media and tech giant facebook, has announced the arrival of several new advertising tools for businesses that will be introduced onto the social media outlet as well as instagram, arriving circa the busy october holiday shopping rush.

facebook instagram augmented reality
augmented reality will now allow customers to try on products such as sunglasses through facebook
all images courtesy of facebookfacebook instagram augmented reality
then, utilizing the power of social media, the platform then allows sharing to the community or straight to the store



in the summer of 2016, the pokemon go game created a global firestorm obsession, with augmented reality at its core that changed the direction of how applications and games were developed. with the number of augmented reality users growing, in may 2018 facebook announced the release of a new toolkit that would allow software developers to repurpose augmented reality to allow potential customers to connect with their brands and effectively experience their products before actually purchasing or downloading. for example, sephora, one of the first businesses that was given access to the feature, can use augmented reality to allow customers to ‘try on’ their cosmetics.facebook instagram augmented reality
sephora utilizes the augmented reality to act as a vehicle for their customers to test their products through filtersfacebook instagram augmented reality
facebook is now a 3-way bridge: from the customer to community, directly to store, and interaction with the brand



first on facebook’s messenger application platform, augmented reality will now make its way to news feed, with a number of businesses testing out the new advertising tool such as michael kors (previously demonstrated), using the tool to in ads allowing people to try on a pair of sunglasses and then decide to purchase based on their experience.facebook instagram augmented reality
the video creation kit transforms static images into multimedia video advertsfacebook instagram augmented reality
upload your images, insert your logo and caption and you have a new video 



additionally, in an attempt to rival youtube, facebook also announced the release of a new video creation kit which will allow users to create mobile friendly advertisements by using images, overlays while incorporating your business’ logos. early access to this kit such as the business noom, claimed a ‘77% increase in performance compared to the original static assets that ran on facebook.

facebook instagram augmented reality
these tags will allow users to access the product via stories on instagram



after the release of instagram’s new IGTV extension, the social media outlet under the facebook umbrella will start to expand its shopping department as well, with tags acting as links directing to products previously found in posts, now expanding to stories for select brands, and available to all businesses by the holiday season.
facebook instagram augmented reality

catalog-like spread on instagram will add a new dynamic to instagram advertising



the campaign feature ‘collection’ that combines video, images and products in a catalog-like format also available in the near future.