cube by family of the arts is a tangible interface for smart homes
all images courtesy family of the arts





interaction with technology has become a series of complex menus users have to drove through to get anything done. studio family of the arts, stripped interactions to a bare minimum with ‘cube’, a smart home interface that controls appliances by touching, lifting, tilting and turning. it replaces remotes and bridges tactile needs to digital surroundings, such as lighting, temperature and music. while eliminating the distracting factor smartphones often form, the ‘cube’ retains the functionalism of a mobile device.


video courtesy of family of the arts




natural movements like twisting regulate the volume or temperature up, based on the nearest appliance it is located to. the wireless sensor technology for locating ‘cube is installed in the plug sockets and light switches in each room. the simple ‘cube’ was invented by the family of the arts team dario jandrijic, emil skurjeni, and tim wieland, which are all from wuppertal university in west germany. 

colorless display keeps the interaction simple 



family of the arts team tim wieland, emil skurjeni and dario jandrijic