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a fully functional wooden tesla cybertruck is built from scratch for elon musk in just 100 days

constructing wooden tesla cybertruck from scratch


Unlike Elon Musk and his years of delays, a father-and-son duo running the channel ND – Woodworking Art built a fully functional wooden Tesla Cybertruck from scratch in just 100 days. The built wooden car is for Elon Musk himself, but for now, the father and son keep the vehicle for day driving. The video documents the process of the handyman father named Truong Van Dao who begins building the anticipated Tesla Cybertruck with a metal frame. He solders them together and adds the wheels, testing the tires and the framing of his automotive creation that slowly takes shape from nothing. After the wheels, he tops the once skeletal Tesla Cybertruck with the geometric roof frames that define the recognizable structure of Elon Musk’s promised car.

a fully functional wooden tesla cybertruck is built from scratch for elon musk in just 100 days
video stills by ND – Woodworking Art, via Youtube



Fully functional vehicle by father and son


Slabs of wood are pieced together to follow the metal frame. For the interior, Truong Van Dao, the design lead of their channel ND – Woodworking Art, lines up the inside with dark-polished wood, assembling them like puzzle pieces. The exterior is made of light-shaded wood, immediately distinguishing this Tesla Cybertruck as a wooden creation. The seemingly laborious work, including cutting, trimming, and sizing the wooden parts, may appear effortless the way the handyman father consistently builds the wooden Tesla Cybertruck (even his dog seems to try to lend him its paws).


As the wooden parts become assembled around the Tesla Cybertruck, the wheels come next as Truong Van Dao fits wooden rims, carving, and detailing the spokes. Taking a break with some junk food, he continues inside as he attaches the wooden doors in place. Now that most of the car parts are complete, he works on the seats next, creating bucket-seat-style seats out of wood. More trimming, cutting, and wood polishing follow until he reaches the steering wheel, whose design is reminiscent of those found in arcade racing games. When everything is set, he begins installing the lighting, taking his craftsmanship to the level of Elon Musk.

functional wooden tesla cybertruck father son
the exterior is covered with wood



Wooden tesla cybertruck is here, but the real one?


For his fully functional wooden Tesla Cybertruck, Truong Van Dao installs a bright LED light strip at the front inlet of the car, similar to the ones found in Elon Musk’s soon-to-arrive model. As a final touch and homage to the Tesla founder, the father even chisels a giant ‘X,’ Twitter’s new name under Elon Musk’s helm, and paints it with a white coating so that it seemingly glows, even in daylight. The finishing touches are added, and the end of the video shows the father and his son taking their fully functional wooden Tesla Cybertruck for a ride.

functional wooden tesla cybertruck father son
even the tires’ spokes are carved from wood



But the father doesn’t stop there. For his son, he even built a Tesla Cyberquad to go along with the Cybertruck, all in wood and fully functional as well. The video states that everything is built from scratch in just 100 days, and most of the work is carried out by the father. In the video’s description, the father writes a heartfelt message to Elon Musk, saying that ‘I am aware that Tesla has faced its share of challenges in bringing the Cybertruck to fruition. However, I maintain unwavering faith in your vision and the capabilities of Tesla. I am confident that this extraordinary vehicle will ultimately succeed.’


He continues by saying, ‘I hope to have the honor of gifting this wooden Cybertruck to you and Tesla and wish you and Tesla continued success to maintain your position in the international arena.’ In the meantime, Elon Musk pushes back the delivery of his Tesla Cybertruck once again and seeks to deliver the first batch in November 2023. At least he’s got one model now under his belt, as seen here.

functional wooden tesla cybertruck father son
the structure thoroughly follows the soon-to-be real Tesla Cybertruck

functional wooden tesla cybertruck father son
close-up view


it took the handyman father just 100 days to build the wooden Tesla Cybertruck from scratch

functional wooden tesla cybertruck father son
the father also built a wooden Tesla Cyberquad for his son

functional wooden tesla cybertruck father son
the wooden Tesla Cyberquad fits behind the Cybertruck


Elon Musk pushes back the delivery date of the real Tesla Cybertruck in November 2023

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