‘hmx p100’ designed by feiz studio in collaboration with samsung

designed by the dutch feiz design studio in collaboration with samsung design, the ‘samsung hmx p100 shoot and share camcorder’ is equipped with ‘one touch sharing’ technology and a built-in usb arm, enabling videos to be easily uploaded to the web.



feiz design + samsung: hmx p100 front and back views of the camera, depicting the flip-out usb port



functioning as both video- and digital camera, the 5-megapixel ‘hmx p100’ features a snap-out usb port, usable for both file uploading and battery charging.

sharing preferences can be preselected in the camera, so that once the device is connected to a PC, videos will upload automatically to the desired blogs or social networking sites.



feiz design + samsung: hmx p100 the use of microSD cards keeps the camera small and portable



a BSI (backside illuminated) sensor reduces image noise and distortion, even in low-light environments. the newly designed ‘smart pause’ feature permits momentary pauses in filming before continuing to record in the same file, making it easier in post-production to edit footage.

the camera also benefits from auto focus and smart auto adjustment, digital image stabilization, and a 2.3″ LCD screen with an 80° viewing angle, permitting greater flexibility in shooting and viewing. a half inch in depth and measuring 4″ x 2.2″, ‘hmx p100’ utilizes microSD cards to keep its dimensions small.



feiz design + samsung: hmx p100 detail of front panel



feiz design + samsung: hmx p100 detail view of top



the model is designed as a more accessible version of samsung’s ‘hmx p300’, released at the same time. available in black, silver, blue, and pink, the ‘hmx p100’ is expected to retail for 149 USD beginning in february.



feiz design + samsung: hmx p100 full view from above