ferrari and franchi create 50m sloop sailboat capable of conquering oceans in style 
all images courtesy of ferrari and franchi






the 50 meter ‘sloop’ by designers macro ferrari and alberto franchi presents an innovative reverse bow that incorporates modern design with extensive outside entertainment areas for it’s owner and guests. the performance yacht combines the potential to explore the world in style and comfort with the possibility to sail in annual regattas that to the efficient sail plan and the innovative reverse bow that slices through the waves. the layout results in a smoother ride than other traditional designs with calmer sailing for both the vessel and the crew. 

ferrari-franchi-50m-sloop-sail-boat-concept-designboom-02the minimal design the sail boat hides all 




the sail boat comes with accommodations for eight guests in three cabins and the owner’s suite. the floor plan can be adapted to four guest cabins in order to obtain a maximum place for ten guests. the stern presents a beach club with a jacuzzi which is wrapped by a double stair case that connects to the main deck. the a double helm station is located close by, to have the best view possible for controlling the yacht. 

ferrari-franchi-50m-sloop-sail-boat-concept-designboom-03the back deck includes a full sized jacuzzi 




the deckhouse has a modern shape and is made of structured aluminum and glass, accompanied by wide windows in the ceiling to let the natural light fill the salon. plenty of sliding doors join the interior and exterior cockpit where a table offers dining for ten guests and is protected from the elements. a large sun bed is positioned across, looking towards the pool. the forward deck is free of riggings where two five meter tenders can fit in the garages. the front also features two seat private lounge with great views and more privacy. a key attribute of the ferrari and franchi 50m ‘sloop’ is the 63 meter mast allows the yacht to pass through the panama canal, along with a draught (the depth of water needed to float a ship) of 4.5 meters that enables sailing in the shallow waters of the bahamas. as a truly adaptable sailing boat, the ‘sloop’ would make for a great tool to discover and travel the world’s waters. 

ferrari-franchi-50m-sloop-sail-boat-concept-designboom-04sail plan consists of a main sail, stay sail and a blade


ferrari-franchi-50m-sloop-sail-boat-concept-designboom-05asymmetrical spinnaker can be added


ferrari-franchi-50m-sloop-sail-boat-concept-designboom-06night time lights for late swims when anchored