the ferrari ‘f12 berlinetta’

just unveiled at geneva motor show, the 2013 ‘f12 berlinetta‘ by ferrari is the fastest road car the company has ever produced, attaining 60mph (100km/hr) in 3.1 seconds, or 124mph (200km/hr) in just 8.5 seconds, with a maximum speed of over 211mph (340km/hr) with 509-lb-ft of torque. the vehicle is set to replace the company’s 599 GTB ‘fiorano’ on the production lines, having already bested it (and every previous road model) on the company’s test track (fiorano circuit) with a lap time of 1:23 to the ‘fiorano”s 1:24.

‘f12 berlinetta’ employs a new chassis design, with internal architecture comprised of various aluminum materials and utilizing aeronautics industry technologies to decrease weight and improve structural rigidity.

the vehicle is also more than twice as aerodynamically efficient as its predecessor, reducing downforce and drag via a redesigned hood (which channels air away from the top of the car); and employing active brake cooling (whereby the gates of front brake cooling system are only opened when necessary, based on the operating temperature).

visually the car is shorter and more low-riding, as well as 70kg lighter than the ‘fiorano’. as a combined effect of its lighter weight and improved aerodynamics, the ‘f12 berlinetta’ reduces fuel consumption by 30%, and produces relatively low carbon dioxide emissions for a high-performance sports car, at 350g/km. its V12 engine is designed similarly to ferrari’s F1 engines to ensure rapid acceleration.

ferrari f12 berlinetta 3/4 front view

ferrari f12 berlinetta front view

ferrari f12 berlinetta rear view

ferrari f12 berlinetta interior

ferrari f12 berlinetta wheel and instrument panel

ferrari f12 berlinetta the scaglietti-produced spaceframe chassis of the ‘f12 berlinetta’

watch test drives of an early ‘f12 berlinetta’ on the ferrari ‘fiorano circuit’ test track

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