one-off fiat 550 italia concept powered by ferrari V8 engine
images courtesy of lazzarini design




fitted with a ferrari F136FB V8 engine, the carbon fiber shelled fiat ‘550 italia’ concept car by lazzarini design, will be a one-off production. to accommodate the high performance motor, its stock front engine, rear seating and all of its back package has been removed. as well as this, the original wheelbase, measuring 230cm, has been increased by 35cm in order to provide aligned transmission. the automobile itself is 35cm wider at its rear and around 25cm fatter in the front, when compared to the ‘cinquecento’. transferring more than just a prancing horse’s motor, the vehicle also includes their gearbox, transmission and suspension-including rear-block. weighing 500kg lighter than the standard model, the unique ‘550 italia’ is expected to cost $550,000 USD.


close-up of the car
video courtesy of jet capsule


the unique car driving through a lightened city




the carbon fiber automobile in the daytime


driving with flames


the rear is 350mm wider than the fiat cinquecento


the rear seats are replaced by the high performance engine




the fiat fitted with a ferrari F136FB V8 engine


the two seats of the fiat concept


500 italia matematics