fiat topolino spiaggina: Inspiration from a Seaside Classic


Italian coachbuilder Castagna Milano has unveiled a sweet adaptation of the new Fiat Topolino electric car. The tiny Topolino, itself a charming take on the Citroën Ami, gets a full beach-ready makeover in the form of the Fiat Topolino Spiaggina. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Fiat 500 Jolly of the 1950s, Castagna Milano has transformed the Topolino into a silent, stylish electric runabout perfect for cruising the seaside. The Fiat 500 Jolly, creation of Fiat CEO Gianni Agnelli, was a specially commissioned open-air version of the 500 designed to complement his yacht.

fiat topolino spiaggina castagnaimage courtesy Castagna Milano



From Ghia to Castagna: A Legacy of Beach Cars


The original Fiat 500 Jolly, built by Ghia, featured a striped canvas roof and distinctive wicker seats. It quickly became a cult classic, spawning rival beach cars like the Vignale Gamine and the Bonacina Spiaggina, known for its woven rattan seats crafted by the famed furniture company.


Castagna Milano’s Spiaggina reimagines the Bonacina aesthetic with a touch of nautical flair. Channeling the elegance of Riva yachts and other Mediterranean luxury boats, the car is shaped by the Milanese coachbuilder with teak and chrome detailing alongside a striped canvas roof. The seats, while not actual wicker, maintain a woven look that pays homage to the beach car of yesteryear.

fiat topolino spiaggina castagna
image courtesy Castagna Milano



A Tradition of Transformation


For those seeking a touch more practicality, Castagna Milano offers an extended version of the Spiaggina. This version adds 30 centimeters of length, transforming the strict two-seater into a car with a slightly more spacious rear deck and storage compartments.


The Fiat Topolino Spiaggina is Castagna Milano’s smallest creation yet, but it follows a successful lineage. The Milanese firm has built similar open-air conversions for modern Fiat 500s and even Minis in recent years. The Topolino Spiaggina is sure to capture the hearts of design and car enthusiasts alike, offering a delightful blend of classic beach car charm and modern electric mobility.

fiat topolino spiaggina castagna
image courtesy Castagna Milano

the tiny fiat topolino gets a beachy makeover by castagna milano
image courtesy Castagna Milano


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