figment protective case delivers virtual reality experience to the apple iPhone
all images courtesy of figment





virtual reality lets users immerse themselves in digital experiences but nonetheless can only be accessible through bulky head gear. figment VR uses just an iPhone and a detachable case to showcase the emerging virtual reality platform. with the accessory, users can watch movies, see travel destinations and play games in a more engaging way. 


video courtesy of figment




the figment case is designed to protect the phone while still maintain its slim profile. it’s pocket-sized and fits on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, and keeps all ports, cameras and function buttons accessible. weighing only 56.7 grams, it’s made of polycarbonate plastic coated in silicone rubber for extra protection and will come in dark and light versions. the retractable origami bridge is made from high-grade anodized aluminum, and the acrylic lenses are scratch resistant. the figment VR case is available for pre-order on the company’s kickstarter page

figment-VR-viewer-iPhone-case-designboom-02 the  acrylic lenses are stored inside the casefigment-VR-viewer-iPhone-case-designboom-03 the available colors of the figment casefigment-VR-viewer-iPhone-case-designboom-04 the bridge is made of high grade anodized aluminumfigment-VR-viewer-iPhone-case-designboom-05 the pieces involved figment-VR-viewer-iPhone-case-designboom-07 the lenses fold over the iPhone display