85m luxury yacht by fincantieri + pininfarina includes alterable twin pools
all images courtesy of fincantieri yachts





at 2015 monaco yacht show shipbuilding group fincantieri and pininfarina introduced the ‘ottantacique’ yacht concept for the next generation of luxury boating. 


‘we worked hard to establish ourselves on the market, thanks to the quality of the yachts we built to date, acknowledged unanimously as top-of-the-range and to the development of new high quality products which meet the needs of owners who demand boats below 100 meters,’ explains head of fincantieri yachts giovanni romano. ‘to this end we worked together with the best designers to create unique products in terms of technology, aesthetic taste and potential lifestyle on board, flexible enough to be shaped according to the clients’ requests. ottantacinque is the result of an excellent teamwork, in which both our company and Pininfarina have demonstrated to be perfectly in tune while developing the concept.’

fincantieri-pininfarina-ottantacinque-mega-yacht-designboom-02the mega yacht includes a helicopter landing pad



at 85 meters long and five decks high, the yacht will be cutting edge with the latest technological solutions and exclusive interior fittings. among the most significant details is the coupled twin pools on the main deck that are raised almost flushed with the side. together with an elevated sun bed, the deck will have uninterrupted views of the sea. the pool will have an adjustable bottom, so the water depth can be varied and even raised to the top to create a large open platform spanning over 160 square meters. ‘ottantacinque’ is an ambitious project, that aims to bring attention to italian yacht design with technological advances, contemporary lines, comfort and luxury. 

fincantieri-pininfarina-ottantacinque-mega-yacht-designboom-03an interior rendering with a 14 seat main table




‘a custom-built model of the sea, in line with Pininfarina’s natural vocation in creating exclusive projects, combining tradition with innovative solutions. this is how our design team conceived the collaboration with fincantieri yachts,’ comments paolo pininfarina, chairman of the group. ‘the result is a sculptural floating home with elegant and dynamic areas, where style meets function, aerodynamics, onboard comfort, ergonomics. Every detail is designed to harmonize with the aesthetic theme of the yacht.’

fincantieri-pininfarina-ottantacinque-mega-yacht-designboom-04the raised twin pools


video courtesy of pininfarina 


fincantieri-pininfarina-ottantacinque-mega-yacht-designboom-05the main deck includes a sun bed overlooking the sea