sensor-filled fitlinxx armstrip monitors heart rate & fitness activity
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the fitlinxxarmstrip‘, a thin, sensor-filled waterproof device, can be worn all-day, every day, and uses hypoallergenicdical-grade adhesives to stick discretely to the user’s torso. when there, it can automatically track the wearer’s heart rate, activity, body temperature and posture during workouts, as well as when resting, recovering and sleeping. with a durable design, it is comfortable to wear and features in-house memory for the occasions when it isn’t able to connect wirelessly to the user’s smart device and stream data in real-time. the technology will soon enable athletes to abandon uncomfortable monitors when the product is launched for the anticipated date in the second quarter of 2015.


demonstration of how the armstrip can benefit the user’s health
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‘athletes know that heart sensing is the single most important thing they can track to see how their body is performing,’ said dave monahan, president and CEO of fitlinxx. ‘ampstrip is the first of its kind heart and activity tracking monitor outpacing existing products with significantly more accurate data and comfortable 24/7 wear before, during and after exercise. fitness enthusiasts can lose the chest strap and wristband, staying focused on improving performance while ampstrip works automatically to provide the information that will help them best reach their goals.’

the armstrip attaches comfortable to the user’s skin using hypoallergenicdical-grade adhesives




tracking heart rate and activity around the clock, the fitlinxx ‘armstrip’ builds upon the company’s 20 years of experience for providing health and fitness technology. with this proven pedigree, the device has been chosen as a candidate for the ‘best of innovation honoree for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products’ category at the CES 2015, where a panel of industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media will judge the competition. the product is currently in its beta stage of development and is seeking funding via its indiegogo campaign to bring the exercise gadget to reality.



the device works 24/7 during workouts, rest, recovery and sleep


it connects wirelessly to smart devices, to display real-time data