the ‘flushtracker’ website, created by lean mean fighting machine for domestos and the world toilet organization as part of world toilet day the main page upon entering the website displays the path of a random recent flush, in this case one from the vatican in italy

‘flushtracker’ is a realtime software program that tracks the movement of waste through sewage systems in the UK, ireland, south africa, poland, and parts of italy. developed by lean mean fighting machine for domestos and the world toilet organization, the project seeks to raise awareness of the fact that 40% of the world population lacks access to even basic sanitation.

flushtracker the program tracks in approximated realtime the movement of water and waste through the sewer system; here, a flush is 10 minutes and 0.67 miles into its journey

although it was designed for november’s world toilet day, the website is still busy today tracking flushes. even if you choose not to track your own flushes, you can watch in real-time as a randomly selected recent flush makes its way to its respective sewage treatment plants. the website automatically updates the tracking map and calculates both the distance traveled and current speed of the waste.

following along with your own sewage is as simple as entering the address and time of your most recent flush. you can even choose to be updated by e-mail when your waste finally arrives at a treatment facility.

flushtracker the complete journey of a flush from BBC headquarters in the UK to the nearest sewer treatment plant took about an hour

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