smart ped scooter created by flykly adds electric assist system to go farther
all images courtesy of flykly




flykly ‘smart ped’ is a practical kick assisted electric bicycle that’ll help move people around the city whether traveling to work or when combining other means of public transport. the assist system automatically turns on the electric motors and propels users further to extend their ride. the all-in-one electric motor, battery, and electronics come from the smart wheel concept, all fitted in the rear wheel. the aluminum housing, consisting of an electric motor, battery set, electronics and advanced sensors. 


video courtesy of flykly




the ‘smart ped’ is produced in milan, italy and follows up on the already tested smart wheel concept. it’s already fully developed, tested and ready for production. flykly has set out on this mission to make cities more bike friendly and have set up a kickstarter campaign for more production support. 


flykly-smart-ped-electric-scooter-designboom-02all the electronics are housed in the rear hub flykly-smart-ped-electric-scooter-designboom-03the ‘smart ped’ has a three hour charging time flykly-smart-ped-electric-scooter-designboom-04the frame is made of steel  flykly-smart-ped-electric-scooter-designboom-05the electric scooter has 16 inch wheels  flykly-smart-ped-electric-scooter-designboom-06foldable in three simple steps  flykly-smart-ped-electric-scooter-designboom-07 flykly-smart-ped-electric-scooter-designboom-08