flyte hovering light uses magnetic levitation and wireless technology
images courtesy of flyte




acknowledging that the light bulb has not changed much since edison’s time, the ‘flyte‘ drastically motifies this, by hovering using magnetic levitation. it is described as a new way to experience light, one that is free from the constraints of gravity and enhances wireless technology to receive power. combing tesla laws of induction with the signature bulb, the screwless light can rotate continuously with almost no friction.





the floating light is powered through the air, making it safe and harmless as it needs no batteries and only uses low voltage LEDs. packed with sensors and advanced hardware, the electro-magnetic base is elegantly designed and crafted in sweden from sustainable oak, ash and walnut. by touching the foundation, the light can be switched on and off, and when removed, the base can charge a smartphone. currently seeking funding for further development and production, more information about the levitating light and how to support them, can be found on their kickstarter campaign.

it can rotate continuously, with almost no friction


using tesla laws of induction, the bulb is powered through the air


the base can also charge your smartphone through wireless technology


it uses low voltage LEDs in order to length its life


each base is elegantly designed, crafted in sweden from sustainable oak, ash and walnut