electric corsair longboard folds in the middle like briefcase so students can bring it anywhere

electric corsair longboard folds in the middle like briefcase so students can bring it anywhere

Foldable electric Corsair Longboard built by students


The Corsair Longboard is a foldable electric longboard created by students for students. MIT Aerospace Engineering student Caden Moore and Northwestern University Economics student Hunter Lucas are developing the longboard, which splits in half and can be carried like a briefcase so students can bring it with them to class, around campus or anywhere they go. They can even fit it inside their backpacks since the longboard folds in half, cutting down its size to a compact one. Corsair Longboard is also a resident company of the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund Program.


The prototype of the folding electric longboard features a patent-pending kick-up and easy-fold hinge design created and tested in the MIT AeroAstro department. The mechanism is made with billet aluminum for high-strength and low-weight applications, and the self-locking mechanism is made with chromoly steel due to its dubbed sturdiness and resistance to deformation.

foldable electric corsair longboard
images by Corsair Longboard



Equipped with dual 600 watts motors


The Corsair team envisions equipping the foldable electric longboard with high-powered but low-maintenance dual 600-watt motors, resulting in a combined power output of 1,200 watts. This means the rider can glide through streets, corridors, and roads at a top speed of 30 miles per hour. The board is expected to be powered by a 5,200mAh Li-ion battery, providing a range of 16 miles.


The stock wheels are made of polyurethane, which offers cushioning to handle small bumps and unevenness in the streets. Corsair’s wheel sleeves are interchangeable, so riders can customize the wheel material according to their desired riding style. Thanks to its 4A fast-charging capabilities, the foldable electric longboard can also be fully charged in an hour or less, depending on how low the battery level is.

foldable electric corsair longboard
using a patent-pending hinge design, the foldable electric Corsair Longboard is easy to lug around



Corsair team tests its foldable electric longboard


Caden Moore says he personally tested the Corsair longboards, riding them at a top speed of 30 mph and achieving a range of 16 miles with his own weight (170 lbs) on the streets of his hometown. He adds that the longboard deck is made from real Canadian maple. ‘We wanted our board to have the feel and flex of a real wooden longboard even though it is electric,’ he says. ‘Not only do we want this board to be highly portable, but we also want it to provide the best riding experience as well.’


The students developing the longboard noticed the increasing struggles of their fellow students in terms of going to their classrooms, navigating buildings, protecting their boards from theft, and storing them in class. By introducing the electric Corsair longboards, which are now up for support through their campaign, Caden Moore and Hunter Lucas hope that they will no longer need to lug around bulky portable transportation and can instead carry a foldable longboard in backpacks.

foldable electric corsair longboard
the foldable electric Corsair Longboard splits in half so students can fit it inside their backpacks

foldable electric corsair longboard
close-up view of the foldable electric Corsair Longboard

foldable electric Corsair Longboard
hinge and side view


the board is developed by students for students

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