fontus self-filling bottle condenses humid air into drinking water
fontus self-filling bottle condenses humid air into drinking water
oct 25, 2014

fontus self-filling bottle condenses humid air into drinking water

fontus self-filling bottle condenses humid air into drinking water
images courtesy of kritstof retezar




the fontus self-filling water bottle by kristof retezar, collects the moisture contained in air and condenses it as safe drinking H2O. the device harvests up to 0,5 liters in an hour when under the right climatic conditions. it is useful for long bike journeys as well as in world regions where freshwater is scarce yet humidity is high.

the bottles can be turned into a vertical position and loosened




the compact ‘fontus’ separates acqua molecules from air particles and stores the liquid in a connectable bottle. a small, divided-in-two peltier element cooler is powered by solar cell energy to cool down the upperside and heat the bottom. wind enters the lower section at high speed and cools it down. the air then moves to the upper chamber where it is stopped by little perforated walls in order to separate the particles. the droplets then flow through a pipe to be stored in a container.

0,5l can be generated in an hour whilst in humid conditions




trial and testing was an important part of ‘fontus’ self-filling H2O bottle’s development. ‘after more than 30 experiments, I finally achieved a constant drop-flow of one drop of condensed water per minute. after developing a functioning inner system, I designed a compact and practical hull which can be easily attached to a bicycle, integrates the water bottle and can be comfortably handled.’ said kritstof for the james dyson awards.



the device is helpful for long bike journeys




diagram of how the air condenses and harvests water molecules

  • I’m very confused… I don’t see any info anywhere on how to purchase one? Are they on the market yet or not?
    Thanks in advance for the info!

    kathy w
  • @raza khan Yeah, if you’d like to have pollution and disease. The water bottle doesn’t have a filtration unit. Sure, if you’ve got one laying around you could have clean drinking water.

  • I love this product. Are they for sale? I would love to get a couple for my sailboat.

    Andrew Klaver
  • Hi, I really need two of these for emergency situations. Please can you let me know where I can purchase them. They are utterly amazing. Thank you. Jen..

    Jen Purger
  • I would truly appreciate knowing how & where to purchase this,please?? THX!!

  • where can I purchase some of these????

    bruce Honer
  • Where can I purchase? Is there a kickstarter campaign? Kristof should get this idea to market!

  • want to know about fontus water bottle system for purchase

    Armando Bernal
  • this could have several applications especially in areas deprived of clean drinking water.

    raza khan
  • Awesome!!!


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