the ford ‘b-max’ compact car




the ford ‘b-max’, on display at geneva motor show 2011, is designed as a fuel efficient compact vehicle that optimizes its use of space to satisfy a range of consumer needs.

the car’s most innovative feature is its lack of the traditional b-pillar, a stabilizing structural beam running from roof to floor that is typically found between the front and back seating sections. in its place, the ‘b-max’ features a rear sliding door that opens for extremely easy access to both rows of seats, providing about twice the entry width of other door concepts. reinforced with boron steel in its load-bearing areas, the door frame, when closed, latches with that of the car’s conventional front door for structural integrity likened to a ‘virtual b pillar’.




ford: b max at geneva motor show 2011 3/4 front view




ford: b max at geneva motor show 2011 3/4 rear view




measuring just above four meters in length, the ‘b-max’ features 60/40 split rear seats, which together with the front passenger seat fold completely flat to offer storage space of objects up to 2.35 meters long.

a panoramic glass roof, wraparound tailgate glass, and low-placed LED fog lamps help define the design of the car in addition to adding functionality.




ford: b max at geneva motor show 2011 on show at geneva motor show 2011 image courtesy of detroit bureau




‘b-max’ is powered by a 1-liter, 3-cylinder version of ford’s ecoboost engine combines direct fuel injection, turbocharging, and twin independent variable cam timing to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. its ‘auto-start-stop’ technology automatically shuts down the engine at stop lights and restarts when the driver’s foot lifts off the brake.




ford: b max at geneva motor show 2011 view of front interior and dashboard




ford: b max at geneva motor show 2011 all passenger seats fold completely flat to provide additional storage




scheduled for availability in european markets by early 2012, the car has not yet been planned for an american release owing to pricing concerns.




john quirk films and discusses the car during the geneva preview event