frog design and fitness tech company BSX technologies announced that it is taking on the wearables industry and tackling a most underestimated health problem–chronic dehydration–with a wrist-based fitness tracker that accurately measures the body’s real-time hydration levels. ‘LVL’ (pronounced ‘level’) is the first ever wearable fitness device to accurately measure hydration, as well as heart rate, sleep quality, activity, calories, and mood, in real time using a smart sensor with patented red light technology. 

featuring a smart sensor with patented, ultra-accurate red light technology




LVL‘ is capable of tracking a person’s current hydration state as well as measuring the exact volume needed to achieve optimal hydration. it then integrates these recommendations with sleep and activity tracking to precisely show the immediate benefits for smarter hydration and the trended improvements that a person has experienced over time.

frog design LVL monitor BSX athletics designboom
the elegant monitor measures hydration levels 24 hours a day




‘BSX has a proven track record of developing innovative fitness technologies,’ said ethan imboden, VP and head of venture design at frog design. he continues, ‘our collaboration leverages their medical-grade NIRS technology into a nuanced and valuable product experience that makes new levels of performance and well-being available to both athletes and anyone interested in the significant benefits of proper hydration.’

frog design LVL monitor BSX athletics designboom
the wearable technology features includes the tactility of soft leather




the sanfrancisco-based design firm identified two particular groups to focus on, ‘for the athlete there is somebody who is training for something: it’s about the training for something, it’s about the intentionality. for the athletic holistic, their life is defined around being athletic: but it’s not necessarily the same intentionality of an event,’ explains scott king, creative director at frog design. he continues, ‘it’s part of a much larger thing about how they go about their life: so you can see the unique design challenge in that the physical product needed to be comfortable in both of those situations.’

designed for athletes, and everyday use alike




BSX technologies was founded in 2012, and the company’s team of medical doctors; sports scientists; and medical device engineers has spent more than four years studying hydration while developing and perfecting the technology that became ‘LVL’. unlike wearables currently on the market, which use green light technology, ‘LVL’s’ ‘red light’ (or near-infrared light, aka NIRS) can look ten times deeper into the body and measure ten times as many physiologic signals simultaneously, all with industry-leading accuracy. in fact, ‘red light’ is traditionally used in hospitals for its accuracy and breadth of measurement capabilities.

the ‘LVL’ project is comfortably passing its funding target on kickstarter, which can be viewed here.

frog design LVL monitor BSX athletics designboom