fujifilm has announced that it will launch the fujifilm ‘X-A3’ in september 2016. the latest mirrorless camera has been designed to take ‘self-portraits’ with a compact, lightweight and robust body. it joins the ‘X-series’ of mirrorless cameras that offer outstanding image quality with the company’s proprietary color reproduction technology. to enable easy selfies, the camera features an LCD screen that can tilt 180 degrees without being blocked by the camera, thus helping to maintain 100% visibility. other features such as eye detection autofocus are designed to improve self-portraits shooting even further, and the new portrait enhancer mode includes the option to brighten the skin tone.



video courtesy of FUJIFILMglobal



the ‘X-A3’ combines a newly-developed 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor with the image processing engine to achieve fujifilm’s photo quality. combined with the supplied ‘fujinon’ lens which delivers outstanding image quality with a subject’s texture, form and even the atmosphere of the scene. the camera is particularly strong at reproducing skin tones, whereby people account for approximately 40% of all subjects in photography.

fujifilm x-a3 camera designboom



even when tilted by 180 degrees, the LCD is not blocked by the camera, allowing 100% visibility. the grip is shaped to accommodate normal shooting and self-portraits. when taking self-portraits, focusing and releasing of the shutter can be done by pressing the vertical command dial which locates directly beneath the index finger, minimizing camera shake. rotating the tilting LCD upward by 180 degrees activates the eye detection AF to automatically adjust the focus on the subject’s eyes. the portrait enhancer mode offers three-step adjustments with the new ‘skin-tone brightening’ function to enjoy self-portraits of premium quality.

fujifilm x-a3 camera designboom



the ‘X-A3’ adopts a retro design featuring a compact and lightweight body. the top cover, front plate, and top dials are made of aluminum. the newly-developed faux leather has significantly enhanced the overall finish texture. the camera is available in three color options — silver, brown or pink. the LCD on the rear uses a touchscreen to enable ‘touch AF’, ‘touch shoot’ and ‘touch zoom’ with a pinch-out finger gesture, to use a prime lens as if it is a zoom lens.

fujifilm x-a3 camera designboom 



the integrated ‘APS-C’ sensor delivers beautifully smooth bokeh effects for portraiture and macro shots when using a shallow depth of field. the normal sensitivity range covers ISO 200 to ISO 6400, while extended sensitivity settings of ISO 12800 and even ISO 25600 can be selected to minimize camera shake. the ‘X-A3’ produces clear images with extremely low noise, even on low-light nightscapes and indoor shots where high ISOs are essential. the advanced filters help photographers easily produce creative effects. a total of ten advanced filters are available, including the new ‘fisheye’ and ‘cross-screen’ as well as ‘toy camera’, ‘miniature’, ‘dynamic tone’, ‘pop color’, ‘soft focus’, ‘high key’, ‘low key’ and ‘partial color’.

fujifilm x-a3 camera designboomfujifilm x-a3 camera designboomfujifilm x-a3 camera designboom