fuseproject creates discreet smart home entry system for august
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the august ‘smart lock’ was first revealed on designboom by yves béhar, founder of fuseproject and co-founder of august jason johnson as a concept in may 2013. the collaboration has now official launched the ‘home access system’ – a connected home experience that will provide real value and transform the way users experience home entry, with a set of products that are accessible for the whole family. the latest system includes the august ‘smart lock’, enabled with apple’s ‘homekit’ platform, the august ‘doorbell cam’ and the august ‘smart keypad’. the ecosystem also enables the august ‘access’ platform, in which third-party home services can coordinate home access directly with the homeowner through the august app.  

the whole ‘home access’ eco system
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with the ‘smart lock’ there’s no need to replace the existing deadbolt or retrofit the door – fuseproject’s designs are a discreet add-on to the inside of the door only. made of aluminum with etched knurled textures to indicat where the hand manually turns the lock, the device tactfully hides the battery door behind a magnetic cover. it is right sized for the hand, and it’s gear system creates a mechanical advantage that makes locking and unlocking straightforward. with four color options to complement different styles, the ‘smart lock’ is designed to fit in with home decor. 

the ‘smart keypad’
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the august ‘smart keypad’ is slim and unobtrusive, created to fit perfectly on the outside of the door adjacent to the august ‘doorbell camera’. the buttons are round and tactile, with numbers that only light up when a hidden sensor detects motion by the door. once a code is entered, the user simply needs to push the august logo toward the bottom of the device to unlock the ‘smart lock’. the keypad is the easiest device of the whole system to install – it’s mounting plate with two screws that can go anywhere outside the door. it only needs two batteries to operate and can be programmed from the app or online. 

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the ‘doorbell camera’ is small and low-profile in comparison to other outdoor cameras, which tend to be lard and ominous. made of anodized aluminum, it provides a quality look and feel. the doorbell icon only turns on when someone is approaching, indicating both its function and the video recording activation to ensure that guests know they are being viewed. the full 140 degree high quality camera and built-in speak allow guests and owner to speak, and it is an effective feature when dealing with third party services. 

the ecosystem can is controlled through august’s designated app
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utilizing the same encryption technology as high-security banks, the august app lets users send digital keys to guests via your smartphone or computer. keys can grant either permanent access or limited access. with the ‘smart keypad’, single or multi-use codes can be sent directly through text, so guests don’t even need the application for home access. the ‘home access system’ provides an element of security, both with real-time communication and with stored visual notifications of front door activity.

the app allows access remotely to guests
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the ‘doorbell camera’
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the ‘smart lock’
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the keypad
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the ‘smart access’ hub
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the range of different colors
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the dial is made from aluminum with CNC textures
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yves béhar august smart lock
the first concept by yves béhar and august
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