fuseproject + avogy’s compact zolt charger handles three devices simultaneously
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power electronics firm avogy reinvented the topology of a charging circuit board, allowing for one compact device to manage three electronics at the same time – a computer, a phone and a peripheral. the company then asked fuseproject to develop an entire brand, from naming, logo, and identity, to the forming of the ‘zolt’ charger. the design firm selected a color palette that would exemplify the electric name, with bold and luminous colors like bright orange, ultraviolet, and graphite. 

the charger uses advanced USB plugs
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focusing on the compactness, fuseproject worked directly with the engineers at avogy over two years, to create the form factor as the technology was being refined. its octagonal shape allows for extra venting holes closer to the heat source, to fend off overheating, and keep the product cool to the touch. 

the circuit board inside eleminates hefty power converters
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to limit the size of the device while carrying it, the team also allowed room for the prongs to fold in. users can wrap their cords directly around the cylindrical design when traveling. when plugged in, the octagon can pivot 90 degrees to ensure the cords exit is the most practical direction in often crowded sockets. the final design makes the avogy ‘zolt’ charger, an accessible tech tool for anyone on the go, with bold colors to match any personal style.


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compact, the zolt charger is ideal for travelling
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the cables can wrap neatly around the charger
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once plugged in, the charge can pivot 90 degrees to save space
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the device comes in a variety of colors
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the package of the zolt charger
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it handles all three mobile electronics at the same time
image courtesy of avogy