the ‘game golf’ platform uses a small device which tracks your game and allows you to share it via a mobile app and website



bringing a digital experience to the green, ‘game golf’ offers players an online platform in which to track their golfing performanceand compare it with friends, even their favorite pro player. working together with professional golfers such as graeme mcdowell and lee westwood, ‘game golf’ developers fuseproject learned that golfing is full of contradictory moments: from statistics to emotions, insights to instincts, routine to improvisational play, deep concentration, humility to boasting– all these experiential elements needed to be built into a useful and simple interface.


centred on three key ingredients: see, share and compare, the small device is discreetly worn on one’s hip during a round of golf, and uses a sensor technology to track movement and transmit data as play evolves over time, creating visualizations which make it easy for you to see which club performed best or where the longest drive landed. communicating through RFID the gadget is accompanied by pin-size tags which are placed at the top of your clubs – tapping the club and device enters your GPS location to begin recording your play. working together with an accompanying mobile app and website, ‘game golf’ allows you to engage with the documented data throughout your game, as well as after. whether its through social media or just friends at the bar, you have the opportunity to relive and improve your golfing experience.


‘the app is immediately intuitive, tracking the states you care about and ignoring the ones you don’t. by using accurate maps, you can see every shot you take on any given course and compare your game against your friends or your favorite pro,’ says curt collinsworth, fuseproject’s UX/UI director

the project is currently seeking funding on indigogo.



how ‘game golf’ worksvideo courtesy of gamegyg




  fuseproject: game golf   new digital experience on the greenthe device records your play and generates data visualizations which allow you to view your performance as well as compare it to others


  fuseproject: game golf   new digital experience on the greenwebsite interface


  fuseproject: game golf   new digital experience on the greenstatistics give you an idea of how you fair amongst your golfing friends or favorite pro player fuseproject: game golf   new digital experience on the greenthe ‘game golf’ device simply clips to your belt or pocket and is accompanied by RFID tags which attach to your clubs to track your performance