g-form ‘extreme sleeve for laptops’

g-form, US-based producers of protective gear for sports and cycling, have applied their expertise and materials to the protection of technology products. an ‘extreme sleeve for laptops‘ joins the company’s ‘iPad extreme sleeve‘ in their highly rugged line, shown in testing to be capable of withstanding the direct impact of a 12-pound bowling ball as well as falls from airplanes and balconies.

the cases use the company’s ‘reactive protection technology’, utilizing ‘poron xrd’ cushioning material to ‘absorb up to 90 percent of energy when impacted at high strain rates.’ effectively, the material is soft and pliable when handled normally but stiffens upon hard impact. the lightweight material is water-resistant, and serves as an exoskeleton to the fabric cases.

already available for preorder, the ‘extreme sleeve for laptop’ is scheduled to be released on may 31st of this year, at a price of 70 USD for the 11-inch and 80 USD for the 13 and 15-inch cases. the ‘iPad extreme sleeve’ is already available, at a cost of 60 USD.

g form: extreme laptop and iPad sleeves g-form ‘iPad extreme sleeve’

test of the iPad sleeve subjected to a 12-pound bowling ball

test of the iPad sleeve dropped from an airborne craft

test of the laptop case dropped from a 20ft balcony