gest evolves our digital interaction needs with hand wearables
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gest lets users workers with their hands in a more intuitive way. it can switch between apps just by twitching a finger, or point the screen to move the mouse around. it’s extremely versatile, with programmable custom gestures for every possible action. it’s a new way of working with computers. it understands hand and finger positions with a high degree of precision. gest conforms to any sized hand and shape through its adjustable palm strap and moldable finger mounts. over time the interaction system learns common gestures, like pointing, swiping, flicking and grabbing. it also monitors to ensure precision and accuracy. 


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the finger tracking technology is extremely low latency, which means higher accuracy and more recognized gestures. the team of engineers packed 15 discreet sensors into each hand so the gest has an accurate picture of what the hands are doing, no matter their orientation. the team put the project on kickstarter to help with manufacturing, testing and shipping. the gest wearable device plans ship to backers in november 2016. 

gest-hand-wearable-device-interface-designboom-02the wearable is packed with 15 motion sensors gest-hand-wearable-device-interface-designboom-03the gest allows users to type like a keyboard  gest-hand-wearable-device-interface-designboom-04it understands hand and finger positions with a high degree of precision