fully connected electric city gi flybike folds in one motion 
all images courtesy of gi flybike






to transform urban commuting around the world, a trio of argentineans, lucas toledo, agustin agostinoy, and eric sevilla, created the gi ‘flybike’, a foldable electric bike ready for the future. lightweight and simple, the bike folds in one motion for seamless portability. after researching countless other means of transportation, the team realized that a mobile phone connected bike was still the best way to get around any city. with an equipped three speed assistance propelling motor, their mission was to challenge and improve every aspect of a traditional design. the electric motor helps riders up hills and manages to travel 64 kilometers on one charge. capable of syncing with both android and iOS, the bicycle has a GPS tracking system, a full-view navigation system, a smart-lock anti-theft system, and a USB charging port. 

gi-flybike-foldable-city-bike-designboom-02the bike’s lightweight design allows riders to swiftly ready the bike both for both storage and use




‘we are so proud to announce gi ‘flybike’ and offer a better, more enjoyable solution that reimagines the way we think about our daily commute,’ says lucas toledo. ‘the bike is an all-in-one bicycle that fulfills your tech savvy needs, adapts to your city, looks incredibly sleek and stylish, and ultimately promotes a greener and better world.’ the gi ‘flybike’ is looking for funding on kickstarter and the team plan on shipping the foldable city bike june 2016. 

gi-flybike-foldable-city-bike-designboom-03it’s assisted by a smart electric engine that makes the commute easy

gi-flybike-foldable-city-bike-designboom-04the bike weighs only 37 lbs

gi-flybike-foldable-city-bike-designboom-05gi ‘flybike’ is made from 100% recyclable aircraft grade aluminum alloy

gi-flybike-foldable-city-bike-designboom-06manufactured with a CNC machine

gi-flybike-foldable-city-bike-designboom-07 the saddle has a shock absorbing system and silicone gel inserts

gi-flybike-foldable-city-bike-designboom-08the handlebar includes smartphone charger

gi-flybike-foldable-city-bike-designboom-09the bike has anti-puncture tires and non-grease belt drive