researchers invent smartwatch that recognizes objects through users’ touch
all images courtesy of gierad laput 





researchers at carnegie mellon university and disney research center have created a unique smartwatch that can detect what the user is touching. most day-to-day electrical and electromechanical objects emit minute amounts of electromagnetic (EM) noise while running. this signal spreads and conducts through the human body. the engineers modified a small, low-cost radio that can distinguish and group these signals in real-time, calling it ‘EM-sense’.


video courtesy of disney research center




the approach capitalizes on unintentional EM noise emitted by many everyday electrical objects, such as kitchen appliances, computer devices, power tools and automobiles. these signals are highly predictable, because of the internal operations, varied enclosures, and materials. the showcase the final result, they built a concept smartwatch that recognizes dozens of objects, undefended of the wearer, time and, conditions. 

gierad-laput-touch-recognition-smartwatch-designboom-02the outfitted smartwatch gierad-laput-touch-recognition-smartwatch-designboom-03can detect household appliances  gierad-laput-touch-recognition-smartwatch-designboom-05electronics emit a variety of undetectable electromagnetic signals