internet of things startup glance tech uses its own proprietary cloud platform to create intermixed ‘glance clock’ to display information. its a smart wall clock to display data from wearables, smart home devices, third party applications and web services directly on it’s face. furthermore, the intelligent platform behind the product will display information only at the moment a user needs it. ‘glance clock’ helps to get information quickly without being distracted from current tasks.





‘glance clock’ provides a fresh way to interact with a smart connected household. through intergrations with nest, smartthings, wink, august and many other smart home systems, glance clock analyzes energy, water consumption and much more. the internet connect device also examines the user’s daily activities and schedule. through integrations with fitness trackers, the ‘glance clock’ can display sleep cycles, workout summaries and blood pressure. the produce can also visualize the day’s schedule and react to important meetings and phone calls. 

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