japanese mobility company, GLM, has unveiled a new electric scooter concept for senior drivers. currently under development, the company focused strongly on the design as this is one of the major obstacles seniors face when switching from a passenger car to an electric mobility scooter (EMS). with a steady growing number of active, youthful seniors in the community, there is strong demand for more attractive electric vehicles. hence, one of the company’s key design goals was to elevate the desire to ride a mobility scooter.

GLM unveils an electric mobility scooter designed for seniors
images by GLM



as populations age, the occurrence of car accidents caused by elderly drivers has become a social problem in many countries. measures have been taken throughout the world, including the encouragement of a voluntary return of driver’s licenses for seniors and the introduction of regulations restricting driving hours and locations. GLM thought that, as seniors lose their means of private transportation, it’s important to support them so that they can continue enjoying an active and lifestyle.

GLM unveils an electric mobility scooter designed for seniors



GLM continues to develop the concept and aims to have it ready for commercialization by the end of 2022. the design, which has been sculptured from a solid mass — in this case a sphere — expresses kindness, comfort and approachability. ‘the new mobility design that GLM is creating aims to change preconceived notions and ideas about EMSs and to inspire this new breed of seniors to accept and use its products. with this focus, the company will continue its development work to make EMSs that people genuinely want to ride.’

GLM unveils an electric mobility scooter designed for seniors



project info:


name: conceptual model of mobility for seniors

company: GLM

established: April 1, 2010
rep.: julian alexander carr, CEO
business: automobile manufacture
head office: 74-3 takeda mukaishiro-cho, fushimi-ku, kyoto-shi, kyoto prefecture