GN resound linx small hearing aid connects wirelessly to smart devices
images courtesy of GN resound




a winner at the 2014 good design award, the GN resound ‘linx’ is a bluetooth enabled hearing aid that connects wirelessly to smart devices. the instrument uses a unique noise processing strategy called surround sound, that emulates the function and performance of the human ear. this means the user can once again communicate effortlessly and enjoy rich, natural intonation. another feature is the binaural directionality technology that helps the wearer understand speech in noisy situations by amplifying what they need to hear and reducing background noise. the binaural environmental optimizer also enhances this function as it ensures the product automatically regulates volume according to different environments.



demonstration of how the resound linx interacts with the user
video courtesy of GN resound




the resound ‘linx’ is the auditory apparatus made to connect directly to an iphone, ipad and ipod touch so that the wearer can listen to streamed music, phone calls and movies. with the resound smart app, the user can remotely control the volume, special programs and even the bass. the application also includes geotagging in order to assign settings to specific locations and incorporates a ‘find my hearing aid’ system to locate the ‘linx’ when lost. a handy button for manually governing them is on the appliance for the times when a phone may not be near by.

the resound link is very small in order to be discreetly worn




the resound ‘linx’ can also be personalized by an ear care professional in order to customize the instrument to match the person’s hearing loss. the size of the device also comforts the wearer as it is the smallest listening aid that the company has ever produced. it is designed to work discreetly without anyone noticing that they are wearing it. even with this intricate form, the product is durable and both water and oil resistant so can withstand daily activities.



the hearing aids are available in a variety of colors


the hearing aid is so discreet… can you see it?