gocycle unveils its newest foldable e-bike model


Urban electric bike brand Gocycle reveals an exclusive first glimpse at its new Family Cargo model — the Gocycle CXi. Instantly recognizable as a Gocycle with its cohesive design language and sleek identity, the CXi addresses a crucial gap in the market, catering especially to customers turned off by cumbersome and heavy cargo bikes. Lightweight (weighing a mere 23 kg) portable, and fun, the electric bike features a futuristic automotive-inspired design and a suite of innovative, patented features that encapsulate the brand’s OneDesignDNA philosophy, from its side-mounted Pitstopwheels, F1-inspired monocoque chassis, enclosed Cleandrive drivetrain, internal cabling, and the Flofit handlebar. Its foldability and portability ensures easy storage in tight urban spaces and effortless transportability with cars, boats, and motorhomes.

gocycle's cxi family cargo electric bike is sleek, lightweight, and foldable
all images courtesy of Gocycle



patented technologies for a enhanced urban mobility


The Flofit handlebar, exclusively available on the halo Gocycle CX+ model, introduces a quantum leap in rider ergonomics and comfort. Described as ‘probably the most adjustable-for-comfort handlebar ever developed’ by Richard Thorpe, founder of Gocycle, it offers adjustability in reach, height, grip angle, and multiple hand positions, with all features neatly packaged and protected within the handlebar body. It also includes an optional patented Quad-lock mounting point, where one bolt provides easy access for brake adjustments and tuning. Maintaining a sleek image, patented side mounted Pitstopwheels are paired with concealed cables, gears, grease, and wire spokes, while protective disk brake covers and easy to clean surfaces and employed. 

gocycle's cxi family cargo electric bike is sleek, lightweight, and foldable
introducing the CXi & CX+ Family Cargo electric bike



Equipped with a 5-Speed Shimano Nexus hub belt drive, CXi provides an extended gear range for carrying extra loads and enjoying a smooth ride on flat terrain. Integrated with Gocycle’s patented Cleandive, the belt drive ensures rider protection, easy cleaning, and top-tiet aesthetics. The bold new WingPillar Frame design, built from Gocycle’s F1-inspired monocoque chassis DNA, is engineered with high-tech composite materials. Tested to meet the high-load and safety standards (220 kg) demanded for carrying substantial loads, the lightweight frame accommodates MIK child seats and accessories for versatile configurations.


The Gocycle CXi and CX+ models will be produced in limited quantities at launch, positioning them among the most exclusive electric bikes globally. The CXi is expected to be priced from £5,999 / €6,999 / $6,999, while the Halo CX+ version, featuring the Flofit handlebar, will start at £6,999 / €7,999 / $7,999. Limited pre-orders are currently open at Gocycle’s official website.

gocycle's cxi family cargo electric bike is sleek, lightweight, and foldable
Gocycle’s iconic OneDesignDNA philosophy runs throughout all aspects of the new CXi

gocycle's cxi family cargo electric bike is sleek, lightweight, and foldable
lightweight and stowable for a convenient urban mobility experience



cxi family cargo electric bike
the all-new Flofit handlebar brings a quantum leap in rider ergonomics and comfort

cxi family cargo electric bike
the bold new WingPillar Frame design builds from Gocycle’s core F1-inspired monocoque chassis DNA




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name: Gocycle CXi Family Cargo Electric Bike
designer: Gocycle 



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