goodyear AMT self-inflatable tire system

american company goodyear has conceived a new system that regulates and monitors tire pressure through air maintenance technology (AMT). after two years of research and development, the project provides insight to the progress in solutions for reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. AMT will help ensure properly inflated wheels, which will ultimately result in a 2.5-3-3% increase in fuel economy compared to traditional tires, without the need of external pumps.

the new technology is expected to play a major role in optimizing tread life in the commercial tire market.  when properly inflated, a ten percent increase of tread life is achieved. pressures are typically 105 PSI for commercial tires versus 32 PSI for consumer tires, where the system performs to extend the retreading process, prolonging the product lifecycle.

goodyear AMT self inflatable tire systemcutaway view of the AMT technology

goodyear AMT self inflatable tire systemclose-up detail of the internal pressure regulator

goodyear AMT self inflatable tire system

goodyear AMT self inflatable tire systemsystem diagram

video courtesy of goodyear