google adapts its street view technology to businesses, featuring 360-degree explorable photographs of selected storefronts

google has brought its street view technology to businesses, offering explorable 360-degree views of the interiors of local restaurants, hotels, gyms, and other companies. currently accessible only through the businesses’ ‘places’ page or a direct search on google maps, the service is planned for integration with google maps and street view, letting users virtually walk inside shops from nearby streets.

the storefronts to be featured include a range of product and service retailers, with an emphasis on independent companies rather than large-scale chains. google is currently scheduling visits through the united states, UK, france, japan, australia, and new zealand. businesses interested in being included can apply for a photo shoot via the business photos project page.

google business street views ‘places’ page with integrated street view of ‘uncommon objects‘ antique and curiosity shop, austin, texas, USA explore this street view here

google business street views turning the lefthand corner from the position of the previous photograph, users can view additional products on display

google business street viewssarastro‘ restaurant, london, england, UK

google business street views exploring the back corners of ‘sarastro’ restaurant in ‘business photo’ street view

google business street viewssydney indoor climbing gym‘, new south wales, australia