after a solid week of new product launches from google, the company has announced its first venture in the computer hardware category. to support their previously launched browser-based chrome operating system, they are releasing the cr-48 chrome notebook. the matte black device runs on an atom processor with a 12-inch display and full size keyboard. the notebook will weigh around 3.8 pounds and last 8 hours on a single battery charge. the software is run completely on flash drives and is based on a cloud system, where users work and store all their information remotely. rather than going to a store to buy the device, google is running a pilot program for those interested. users will be sent the device and in return they will provide google with their feedback.

google chrome os laptop

google chrome os laptop

google chrome os laptop

designboom and FUJITSU have organized a design competition under the theme – a life of future computing -. have a look at the brief and enroll here. great cash prizes are offered (30.000 euro the first prize), deadline for project submission january 31, 2011. see the jury. you are asked to envision a scenery that is becoming increasingly diverse, and dramatically expanding the possibilities of ICT services, including fabulous hardware and more effective and fun applications.

what is a service concept? a service concept is a scene where a type of service utilizing ICT is provided to enrich peoples’ lives, and can be described in these terms:

  • what
    type of person, and what type of service will it provide?
  • what
    will that service be used for, where and when?
  • what convenience,
    experience, excitement or other new value can be gained by using the
    (there is no need to interpret the service content
    based on a business model -income and expenditure-).

the award is composed of two categories:

  • the LIFEBOOK category that studies what the PCs will be
    like in 2013, the near future, and
  • the LIFE DESIGN category that studies what next-generation computing devices will be
    (including service concept) ten years from now in 2020.

with the spread of information and communication technologies (ICT), people have now become able to make diverse connections, via networks, with other people in all daily life situations, through a variety of devices such as PCs and smart phones. as a provider of ICT products and services, FUJITSU strives to create products for a new society that contribute to people’s everyday lives.