google fine tunes their chromecasts with separate audio streaming device
all images courtesy of google





google has launched a set of two next generation ‘chromecasts’ with fresh designs and a refined setup for crowded TV ports. it supports the latest wifi standards and adapts more easily to changing wireless conditions at home, so users get higher quality video with less buffering. 

google-chromecast-video-audio-streaming-device-designboom-02the audio streamer connects directly into any speaker




‘chromecast audio’ is a small device that plugs into existing speakers, so listeners can stream their favorite music, radio and podcasts over a wireless network. it works with apps, including spotify, pandora, and google ‘play music’ from anywhere, with devices including android, iOS and laptops. google also updated the ‘chromecast’ for the television to make it easier to find great things to watch or to play, across the thousands of apps.


video courtesy of google 


google-chromecast-video-audio-streaming-device-designboom-03stream capabilities are embedded into every app google-chromecast-video-audio-streaming-device-designboom-04the ‘chromecast’ video is designed to hang from the HDMI port google-chromecast-video-audio-streaming-device-designboom-05 the ‘chromecast’ audio includes a 3.5 mm audio cable google-chromecast-video-audio-streaming-device-designboom-06charges through a USB cable