overhauled google photos provides free unlimited storage for photos and videos 
all images courtesy of google





at google’s 2015 i/o conference, they introduced an overhauled online service for storying and sharing digital memories, simply titled ‘google photos’. a standalone product that gives users a home for all photos and videos, where they can be organized, shared and accessed on any device. with it customers can now automatically backup and store unlimited, high quality photos and videos, for free. the service stores compressed versions of the original resolution photos and videos – up to 16MP and 1080p on their servers. google ‘photos’ instinctively organizes all the photos and videos by the people, places and things that are common, keeping users from spending time tagging, labelling and creating albums. 


video courtesy of google





the app can also help with quick touchups such as, colour, light and subject adjustments. swiping to left will open ‘assistant’ view, where it will suggest collages and animations, from the photos and videos based on similar subjects. the software makes it simple to share all the memories across any service available – twitter, facebook, whatsapp, etc. but for those who don’t use social media to share photos or videos, google ‘photos’ creates a link to allocate all the photos at once. the receiver can view the link without a special app or login, and then can save the original resolution images to their own library. google ‘photos’ is available now on android, iOS and the web. 

simple grid interface for photographs and videos


the ‘assistant’ page helps create collages and story boards